Helpful Resources


Kathleen Mercury

"When I decided to start teaching kids to design games, I scoured the internet and had a hard time finding good resources. I cobbled together what I could find, and then over the years have changed, added, modified, and created so much new stuff that I thought it was a shame that no one else could see it or use it."

Girls Game Shelf - Learning Through Play

"Can you attribute your vocabulary and spelling skills to Scrabble? Was your favorite part of school the days you spent in the library playing Math Blasters or Biology Bingo? Can you name major cities because of Ticket to Ride? "

My Little Poppies - Gameschooling

"Cait is founder of The Gameschool Community on Facebook, a vibrant group with over 20k members worldwide."

Board Game Academy

"Board Game Academy is devoted to helping players learn more about games.  When you start navigating around the academy, you will find that the information is organized to help you learn, give you insight into upcoming events, and help you find games that you may like."