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Requirements - Things to consider before submitting a request.

Charitable Organization Guidelines:

We take pride in our support within the community.  However, we get far more requests for donations than we are able to satisfy. These guidelines are intended to help streamline the process and give you an idea of the kinds of support we consider.

*If you have a request that is outside of the groups listed below, please continue to the application link at the bottom of the page and complete as many relevant questions as possible for consideration.

Our first board game drive  we received almost 400 games!

Our first board game drive we received almost 400 games!

Teachers, Educators, Students


Teachers using games in the classroom:

Planning to use board games as part of your teaching strategy? Check out this helpful website created by one of our local educators who utilizes games in her classroom!

What level/age group and subjects/area do you teach?

What skills do you want to develop using games in your classroom?

What benefits will this bring to your classroom?


For those starting a board game club:

Tell us the purpose of your club and the goals you have for the club (We care! We want to know!)

***Students must include parental approval on application.

Why do you want to start this club?

What is the purpose of the club?

What will club members do during meetings?

How often will the club meet?

What are the goals of this club?

Do potential members need to try out for the club, or will anyone be allowed to join?

Make sure your club is registered and approved with the school (Proof of approval is required!)

Assign Officers (High school requirement only)

Colleges love seeing participation in extracurricular activities! Establish a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer (someone needs to take over the club when you leave!)

Establish a budget

If the school provides a stipend, how much is it and how do you plan to spend it? (more games? Snacks?)  Is it received every year?

Consider fundraisers to keep the club active and make sure you can build your library.


Getting Board Games Into Classrooms!

Getting Board Games Into Classrooms!

Hospitals, Therapy Clinics, & Senior Centers

Children’s Hospitals, VA Hospitals, Physical/Occupational Therapy Clinics, and Senior Centers

You must be an employee or established volunteer of the organization for which you are applying.

  • Have you received approval from administration?
  • What age group you are applying for?
  • What types of services or therapy do you provide?
  • What types of items can you NOT receive?



All Other Organizations and Groups

All Other Programs or Services:

  • Service Providers of Low Income Families
  • Eagle Scout Service Projects
  • Deployed Military Personnel 
  • Troubled Youth Centers
  • Group Homes
  • ESL Programs
  • etc.